Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart and often the hub of a home. It is because it is can be the focal point of the home that it demands special thought and planning. There are technical and practical use concerns that need to be thought out to create comfortable and effective preparation and cooking areas.  Whether it is a new build or a remodel, Seattle Kitchen & Bath Design can work with you from conception to completion, identifying priorities, creating a timeline and keeping a close eye on budget.  As an experienced team we know the big picture, so we can address big picture and detail concerns proactively. We know the questions to ask and address with all parties involved, you the client as well as architects, contractors and the vendors who provide materials and finishes.

Bathroom DESIGN

Bathrooms are spaces where we refresh and renew. The ease of movement within and good functioning of these spaces contributes to a sense of well-being. Our team will collaborate with you to conceptualize and create bathrooms that work perfectly for you and your home. From floor plan and elevation drawings to finish and faucet selections, we’ll manage the project from start to completion.


Our team works in varying capacities on projects that range widely in scope. Finish and material selections are a service we offer on their own or in conjunction with other services.

Material finish specifications include the following surfaces - flooring, walls, ceilings, trim, moldings, countertop, backsplash, and cabinetry.